About us

PT. Bintang trans khatulistiwa long known as a provider of telecommunications solutions, with many years of experience to undertake projects to lay fiber-optic cable and provides data communications solutions in telecom operators leading countries presented based in Indonesia.

Customer needs determine the limits of our solutions, thus making the solution more reliable and comprehensive together with being in line with the trend of the future, encouraging us to bring transformation and innovative approach to our solution, acting as a liaison between the end users and service providers with goals exceed the expectations of every client by offering best in class customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality for a more professional and improve operational efficiency, with the eventual goal of customer satisfaction and confidence to our customers.

Practitioners telecommunications business together with our highly experienced technical team of highly experienced and professional who only focus on providing a powerful solution for data communication needs of our clients.

Today, PT. Bintang trans khatulistiwa was on his way to the standard processes and automation across all business functions, so that more experts and professionals to face competition in the future, we believe we can do better and flexible to customer satisfaction Achieving our vision, along the way, we work closely with a number of leading companies ensure joint partnership in providing world-class service to our clients.